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AR Game


Augmented Reality Game - AR2DR

Mr.Dhamija and his friend developed an Augmented Reality game on Unity last year when we were curious to experiment with new technologies! The goal of the game was to move an R2D2 action figure in real space as he tries to avoid TIE-fighters and their canons in virtual space in the headset and help him getaway!

We used Vuforia for image and object tracking along with an external accelerometer, gyroscope and an Arduino which were used to communicate the position of the R2D2 to the phone accurately. Yes, since we couldn't get our hands on a real AR headset, we ported the game to a Google cardboard and used that as a pseudo AR headset by making a cutout in the cardboard for where the camera was. 

We faced a lot of challenges regarding making the real and virtual planes interact as the Vuforia SDK was still in beta for object tracking and we had to also remove any conflicts it had with using the Google Cardboard SDK. We feel that true AR should not have any touch interaction on a screen some experiences today(*cough* Pokemon Go *cough*) which posed design challenges like how do you interact with menu items which had to be solved. 

This ended up being more of an experimental game where we mashed together a lot of ideas and not something that we can publish and scale because of the need for external trackers.  

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