Things Mr.Dhamija hates/hate him/sucks at

"Somethings aren't meant for some people." - Me

It is inevitable that one can't be a Master of All Trades. Here's a list of things that didn't quite work out for Mr. Dhamija.

Things Mr. Dhamija hates

  1. Double Standards.
  2. Poorly Written Scripts.
  3. The awkward temperature where it's too hot for a blanket but too cold to take it off. 
  4. Windows OS (Unfortunately VR dev has made him deal with this monster.)
  5. People who use spaces over tabs.
  6. The kids from Hufflepuff. 

Random Fun Fact: He also hates random fun facts which are not relevant at all. 

Things that hate Mr. Dhamija

  1. His high school English teacher.
  2. Vodka.
  3. The goblins at Gringotts.

Things Mr. Dhamija sucks at (that I know of)

  1. Running fast.
  2. Singing (to the dismay of others he still does so.)
  3. Understanding microprocessor design.
  4. Faking excitement in social situations he wishes not be in. 
  5. Coming up with lists.
  6. Cooking food.
  7. CSS (Don't we all?)