VR Mind Palace


LA Hacks 2017

For LA Hacks 2017, Mr.Dhamija and two of his friends decided to create a mind-palace in VR for the HTC Vive. Mind-palaces are a popular memorization technique used widely by specialists and was made famous by books like "Moonwalking with Einstein" and the TV show Sherlock. 

The hack won the LA Hacks challenges prize for making a mundane activity more fun and was placed in the top 20 out of 200 hacks at the event!

We allowed the user to input any piece of text that they want to help memorize and ran this file through Microsoft's Azure ML API to break down the text into summaries and the key words of the text. We took these key phrases and put them into cards. The user has the ability to choose from three different locations to form a mind palace in and then explore it using teleportation using the VRTK SDK and place the cards in different places and link the cards with objects to help them remember things better. You can read more about the project here